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There are multiple websites, the brokers, listed under upon which the latter serves as their agent. And users are assured that the agent will not expand the spread or charge additional fees should they wish to transact with these brokers via

Users can register on the site and create their profiles prior to transacting with the brokers. If a user creates more than one profile, will have the authority to remove all but one. On occasion, the website may also request for additional credentials like a copy of identification cards or a passport to prove the identity of a user.

When a transaction yields a premium, this compensation will then be paid to the user as soon as all activity is validated. The amount of the premium to be paid will be based on the amount specified on the site and bound by the specific conditions of the transaction.

Should the broker choose not to pay any compensation due to the breach of trading conditions, the agent will not be liable for paying any premium to the user. Also, no premium will be paid if a particular user has a profile that cannot be validated by the website. In addition, all losses of funds on a user’s profile arising from the former’s activities on the site will not be a liability of the agent.

When a user requests for a withdrawal, will be responsible for fulfilling the request. Funds will be withdrawn from the user’s online profile and then transferred to the user’s chosen account within a 5-day period. Should there be any merchant fees, the agent may withhold these commissions. will do its best to provide updated and validated information to its users but will not be liable for any inaccuracies that may arise. The site will not be liable as well for the inaccuracy of information displayed on the pages of its third-party affiliates.

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